It has been some time since my last blog post and I am grateful for who may happen upon this post. As we enter into 2018, so much has transpired regarding death and beef of many rap artists. I would like to be clear and state that hip-hop is not rap music. Rap music has evolved in the last two decades and supposedly depicts a real lifestyle. I am often confused when rappers are saddened by the death of a fellow artist(s), seemingly overlooking the rappers, creative, artistically spoken lifestyle, embedded with violence, drugs, sex, and murder. In that same token, of being surprised by death, foregoing the lyrics, if indicted by law enforcement, and the lifestyle of his/her lyrics is at issue in criminal proceedings, the lyrics no longer remain true, as would be proposed by a decent defense attorney. I must add that there is a difference between rapping about a former life of violence, drugs, and murder, and still being active. I am often confused, better yet, remain confused, regarding what gangsta really means. If a rapper, in fact is, gangsta as the rap depicts, then you are essentially telling on yourself in those lyrics. There is clearly some form of contradiction going on with gangsta rap.  Combine this contradiction with a young black male, income median at poverty level, whose Father was killed to gun violence, and is now being raised by a single Mother, who spends majority of her time working to provide for the child. We now have a situation where, the child’s role model becomes his/her favorite gangsta rapper. The before mentioned is an example, although reality. It takes a village to raise the children, yes even those children of the imprisoned and deceased gangsta rappers will become adults one day. Did they ever think about what would happen if those lyrics came true and the child is left Fatherless? I often question if they ever thought about the poison being fed to the children, something like when crack hit ever ghetto in America in the 70’s and 80’s. Has fame, money, and recognition seemingly displaced the Black culture? It saddens me that the role of the Father is so lax in many African American households. As I patiently wait for more rappers that promote positive to become mainstream, it seems as if so many are lost.


Manifest my words

     Do you believe that the power of life and death is in the tongue?  Is it ironic that rappers who foresee their deaths through music usually succumb under the same circumstances?  Do those same volatile words spoken on a track make another man feel hatred towards their fellow brother?  The truth is that rap has a death sentence and it gets more gutter everyday.  The world is comprised of opinions, in fact the creation of the Constitution were merely opinions of men.  So, why does it bother another person so much to hear harsh words spoken on a track.  Why are we dying because of our opinions or story of life.  We have waited over 100 years to be heard, yet we fight and kill like field negro’s versus house negro’s.  Surely you’re not murdering your brother for washed linen, in which it has no true value, but we are.  The soul often corrupted can no longer enjoy being rich because their conscious is clouded.  People often say, what about the Government and how they play a role of the destruction of our black culture.  My question in return is, why do we play into the trap?  Rapping about dying and killing are being spread to the masses, and it is a voluntary modern day genocide.  Speaking about your fellow brother with total hate is catchy and thousands have died while getting rich “or die trying”.  Rapping about the drugs being sold and spread to the masses leaves DNA of destruction.  The power struggle that black men face are connected to identify crisis within because so many black youth are in fatherless homes and has no replica of who a real man is.  Mothers are then left to raise him but women can only teach a boy so much. Martin Luther King spoke messages of freedom for the black culture, and his words manifested, so why speak the large messages of hate?  Is this destruction of our black man a message from God?  Remember Notorious B.I.G. said that he was “ready to die” and ultimately met fate.  I could go on from indie to mainstream artist about the death sentences they spoke over their lives but that will not help us overcome this genocide.  Do you think the records labels would start investing into positive black music if their was a boycott on the get rich scheme that the hiphop/rap culture brings?  Are artists even educated enough to know that most rappers are not even rich? With this genocide the black culture faces, who will be our next great black leaders? Who is ready to spread the mass message of love for our people?