It has been some time since my last blog post and I am grateful for who may happen upon this post. As we enter into 2018, so much has transpired regarding death and beef of many rap artists. I would like to be clear and state that hip-hop is not rap music. Rap music has evolved in the last two decades and supposedly depicts a real lifestyle. I am often confused when rappers are saddened by the death of a fellow artist(s), seemingly overlooking the rappers, creative, artistically spoken lifestyle, embedded with violence, drugs, sex, and murder. In that same token, of being surprised by death, foregoing the lyrics, if indicted by law enforcement, and the lifestyle of his/her lyrics is at issue in criminal proceedings, the lyrics no longer remain true, as would be proposed by a decent defense attorney. I must add that there is a difference between rapping about a former life of violence, drugs, and murder, and still being active. I am often confused, better yet, remain confused, regarding what gangsta really means. If a rapper, in fact is, gangsta as the rap depicts, then you are essentially telling on yourself in those lyrics. There is clearly some form of contradiction going on with gangsta rap.  Combine this contradiction with a young black male, income median at poverty level, whose Father was killed to gun violence, and is now being raised by a single Mother, who spends majority of her time working to provide for the child. We now have a situation where, the child’s role model becomes his/her favorite gangsta rapper. The before mentioned is an example, although reality. It takes a village to raise the children, yes even those children of the imprisoned and deceased gangsta rappers will become adults one day. Did they ever think about what would happen if those lyrics came true and the child is left Fatherless? I often question if they ever thought about the poison being fed to the children, something like when crack hit ever ghetto in America in the 70’s and 80’s. Has fame, money, and recognition seemingly displaced the Black culture? It saddens me that the role of the Father is so lax in many African American households. As I patiently wait for more rappers that promote positive to become mainstream, it seems as if so many are lost.


Deja Vu

When will it cease?  Friday I watched a documentary on the murder of Scott La Rock.  For those who are not familiar with Mr. La Rock, he is credited for Boogie Down Productions success, rap as a whole in actuality.  At 25 he was murdered because of senseless violence.  This morning I awoke to find out yet another upcoming rap icon was gunned down.  Rapper Doe-B, 22, of Alabama and label-mate on T.I.’s  “Hustle Gang” along with an innocent beautiful black woman were shot and killed.  Since the beginning of slavery time African Americans only outlet was music.  Imagine if you were stripped of everything you knew, owned, and loved.  What remains is whats in your soul.  In my opinion the music industry thrives because music is embedded in African American DNA.  Our black men are still cursed with this hatred of one another over 100 years ago.  There seems to be some sort of discord between the black male tracing all the way back to the Willie Lynch writings.    It saddens my heart because the black race is one of the most intelligent races (in research blacks were the origination of man kind, although some may debate this) and we cant seem to get it together. Black men are consumed with hatred and still do not recognize the modern slavery is prevalent.  I have heard the saying “the devils greatest scheme is to make people think that he isn’t the devil”, our people fail to realize the stronghold that the devil has on our black men.  The strength of the black family relies on the black male.  Until the black male regains his mental state and recognizes the plans set in motion for our race to fail we will never be whole again.  The scary part is that the comments your often read on black on black violence usually has a racist person of another culture making negative statements about our race and sadly most of their comments are true.  The destruction of the black society is invested in rap music via television, radio, and internet displaying violence and murder.  So how can we expect others to mourn for our black men when they are killed by means of the same lyrics they spit.  Do you think a millionaire would give a black man money without an ulterior motive behind it.  All we see are dollar signs and not the devil writing the check.  In this post I do not want to sound racist because that is not the point, the point is how can we save our black culture?  My heart aches for my black men.   RIP: Rapper Doe B Shot And Killed. Source from