Is That Yo Chic?

As a disclaimer I will state that this blog contains foul language.  Nearly every rap or hiphop song contains the words:  bitches, hoes, slut, thots (thats a new one which means, those hoes over there), cum buckets, and any other vile phrase that one could imagine.  So why are our black women being drugged into the mass message of the destruction of the black culture?  Remember these are the ancestors of the same black women cared for their masters children, cooked, fought for civil rights, and raised great leaders in the world.  I would love to know who approved the message of degrading our strong black women.  Rarely have I listened to any other genres of music and heard such awful expressions of women.  Rappers/hiphop artists speak of passing women around, running the train.  Even bitches call each other bitches right?  Is calling oneself a female dog some sort of expression that makes a woman feel more powerful?  In turn, the women have sex with the same man that address them as a bitch or slut.  When black women have disagreements the first thing you hear is “bitch this” and “bitch that” or “hoe this” and “hoe that”.  They may even fight over the man who disrespects them both.  I can only suggest that these women grew up in homes where a woman’s worth was not understand or the disrespect towards a woman was accepted.  How can we heal when no one respects anyone?  We have no respect for our fellow brother and even less respect for the black women, who should be considered the back bone of a strong man.  I write, not because I can save my people, but because awareness to these issues seem downtrodden.  Who controls the messages displayed to the media?  If our black woman are called sluts and bitches, having multiple babies with little education, and depending on a drug dealing man to help support the home, what happens to their offspring?  They grow up exhibiting the same behavior of their environment.  Sad but true boys young as five and six are calling girls bitches.  The disrespect deepens as they enter middle school and high school.  Girls have multiple sex partners by tenth grade and are considered neighborhood hoes or even worse now because the are contracting STD’s, even HIV/AIDS.  I pray everyday for my people, we are all beautiful and intelligent souls, seemingly lost.


Manifest my words

     Do you believe that the power of life and death is in the tongue?  Is it ironic that rappers who foresee their deaths through music usually succumb under the same circumstances?  Do those same volatile words spoken on a track make another man feel hatred towards their fellow brother?  The truth is that rap has a death sentence and it gets more gutter everyday.  The world is comprised of opinions, in fact the creation of the Constitution were merely opinions of men.  So, why does it bother another person so much to hear harsh words spoken on a track.  Why are we dying because of our opinions or story of life.  We have waited over 100 years to be heard, yet we fight and kill like field negro’s versus house negro’s.  Surely you’re not murdering your brother for washed linen, in which it has no true value, but we are.  The soul often corrupted can no longer enjoy being rich because their conscious is clouded.  People often say, what about the Government and how they play a role of the destruction of our black culture.  My question in return is, why do we play into the trap?  Rapping about dying and killing are being spread to the masses, and it is a voluntary modern day genocide.  Speaking about your fellow brother with total hate is catchy and thousands have died while getting rich “or die trying”.  Rapping about the drugs being sold and spread to the masses leaves DNA of destruction.  The power struggle that black men face are connected to identify crisis within because so many black youth are in fatherless homes and has no replica of who a real man is.  Mothers are then left to raise him but women can only teach a boy so much. Martin Luther King spoke messages of freedom for the black culture, and his words manifested, so why speak the large messages of hate?  Is this destruction of our black man a message from God?  Remember Notorious B.I.G. said that he was “ready to die” and ultimately met fate.  I could go on from indie to mainstream artist about the death sentences they spoke over their lives but that will not help us overcome this genocide.  Do you think the records labels would start investing into positive black music if their was a boycott on the get rich scheme that the hiphop/rap culture brings?  Are artists even educated enough to know that most rappers are not even rich? With this genocide the black culture faces, who will be our next great black leaders? Who is ready to spread the mass message of love for our people?            

Deja Vu

When will it cease?  Friday I watched a documentary on the murder of Scott La Rock.  For those who are not familiar with Mr. La Rock, he is credited for Boogie Down Productions success, rap as a whole in actuality.  At 25 he was murdered because of senseless violence.  This morning I awoke to find out yet another upcoming rap icon was gunned down.  Rapper Doe-B, 22, of Alabama and label-mate on T.I.’s  “Hustle Gang” along with an innocent beautiful black woman were shot and killed.  Since the beginning of slavery time African Americans only outlet was music.  Imagine if you were stripped of everything you knew, owned, and loved.  What remains is whats in your soul.  In my opinion the music industry thrives because music is embedded in African American DNA.  Our black men are still cursed with this hatred of one another over 100 years ago.  There seems to be some sort of discord between the black male tracing all the way back to the Willie Lynch writings.    It saddens my heart because the black race is one of the most intelligent races (in research blacks were the origination of man kind, although some may debate this) and we cant seem to get it together. Black men are consumed with hatred and still do not recognize the modern slavery is prevalent.  I have heard the saying “the devils greatest scheme is to make people think that he isn’t the devil”, our people fail to realize the stronghold that the devil has on our black men.  The strength of the black family relies on the black male.  Until the black male regains his mental state and recognizes the plans set in motion for our race to fail we will never be whole again.  The scary part is that the comments your often read on black on black violence usually has a racist person of another culture making negative statements about our race and sadly most of their comments are true.  The destruction of the black society is invested in rap music via television, radio, and internet displaying violence and murder.  So how can we expect others to mourn for our black men when they are killed by means of the same lyrics they spit.  Do you think a millionaire would give a black man money without an ulterior motive behind it.  All we see are dollar signs and not the devil writing the check.  In this post I do not want to sound racist because that is not the point, the point is how can we save our black culture?  My heart aches for my black men.   RIP: Rapper Doe B Shot And Killed. Source from

Who’s the hottest

The reality of the entertainment industry varies depending on the listener.  With that being said most of the mainstream rappers now are wack.  Saturation of the game has allowed for weak lyrics combined with a hot beat.  Okay so any real lyricist knows that the track is what makes a song hot.  So producers, because they are not exempt from the mass pool of “next to blow” entertainers, give hot beats to those with a major fan base, whether they are wack or not.  Music lovers of originality, creativity, and substance try to rationalize the taker over, but will forever remain confused.    The music industry at one time was independent and then once again that creativity was tricked from black america and governed by other cultures, who have no love for the culture of black entertainment.  When I mention that the culture of black entertainment was tricked from black america, I mean that as a people, blacks were uneducated in their endeavors and made moves because of the money.  So with that being said, most mainstream artist in today’s market, are wack and more than likely were tricked into a quick get rich scheme.

Digital Age of Music

Long before Beyonce released her album digitally, those who study the music industry in depth know that it is only a matter of time before all music will be digital.  Besides, who really uses cassette tapes anymore?  Who really keeps those cd’s in tact?  Most people find a few good cd’s and keep those handy, and then we are usually stuck with fifty or more random ones.  Even cars are equipped with USB ports or auxiliary audio input jacks.  Beyonce has always been a trendsetter but lets be real about it, she has a team that is truly in tune with the future, others should catch up.  I suggest artists find one good internet music site to store their music and build from there. The days of passing out mixtapes and buying hot albums on the shelf are generally over.  Wishing everyone Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas, whatever your forte’.


     The music industry in my opinion consist of hip-hop and rap.  The masses have since combined hip-hop and rap together which is a disgrace.  Combining the two genres could be the leading cause of the rap game saturation.  The message that I wish to convey in this post is “How can you stand out from all the other artists?”  This music industry is like the lottery, you play for years and still may never hit the jackpot.  Its a dog eat dog world with most artist barking up the same tree.  Rap music from the 80’s and 90’s was the creation of crafted artists who persisted with pleasure to spread there message to the masses.  The new era of rappers seem to not want to reach the masses but to downgrade the next “broke rapper”, often seen as their competition.  Some artists record song after song and no marketing behind them.  Social network has increased exposure for artists but that two gets caught in between cliques who could care less about listening to another artist.  The marketing tools needed will never jump out at you its about research and trial and error. Merry Christmas. 

Janky Promoters

    Who remembers the movie “Janky Promoters” with Ice Cube and Mike Epps?  Whose considered a janky promoter?  The reality of the rap/hiphop culture does not support quick fame.  Artist who are hungry about their music grind seek several avenues in an effort to be seen and heard.  This is where it gets tricky, I say tricky because an artist should always research and plan effectively.  Open Mics are platforms to use but with the digital age spinning as such is it beneficial to stand around a club with 50 more people waiting to perform?  I mean really, most artist leave with their entourage soon after they perform.  So whose really going to hear you?  Don’t get me wrong because there are several certified open mics ( #Hustle&Flow in the Atl) but you have to play your cards right.  Think about the piggy back effect.  We’re all playing “life chess” so chose whether you want to be a pawn or a king.  Salute to Pearl Vodka and Happy Holidays.