Who’s the hottest

The reality of the entertainment industry varies depending on the listener.  With that being said most of the mainstream rappers now are wack.  Saturation of the game has allowed for weak lyrics combined with a hot beat.  Okay so any real lyricist knows that the track is what makes a song hot.  So producers, because they are not exempt from the mass pool of “next to blow” entertainers, give hot beats to those with a major fan base, whether they are wack or not.  Music lovers of originality, creativity, and substance try to rationalize the taker over, but will forever remain confused.    The music industry at one time was independent and then once again that creativity was tricked from black america and governed by other cultures, who have no love for the culture of black entertainment.  When I mention that the culture of black entertainment was tricked from black america, I mean that as a people, blacks were uneducated in their endeavors and made moves because of the money.  So with that being said, most mainstream artist in today’s market, are wack and more than likely were tricked into a quick get rich scheme.


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