The music industry in my opinion consist of hip-hop and rap.  The masses have since combined hip-hop and rap together which is a disgrace.  Combining the two genres could be the leading cause of the rap game saturation.  The message that I wish to convey in this post is “How can you stand out from all the other artists?”  This music industry is like the lottery, you play for years and still may never hit the jackpot.  Its a dog eat dog world with most artist barking up the same tree.  Rap music from the 80’s and 90’s was the creation of crafted artists who persisted with pleasure to spread there message to the masses.  The new era of rappers seem to not want to reach the masses but to downgrade the next “broke rapper”, often seen as their competition.  Some artists record song after song and no marketing behind them.  Social network has increased exposure for artists but that two gets caught in between cliques who could care less about listening to another artist.  The marketing tools needed will never jump out at you its about research and trial and error. Merry Christmas. 


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